I am a Midwife, part III

This is the third video in MANA’s I am a Midwife series, and definitely my favorite so far.  It explores the issues of racial disparities in maternal health care…and how midwives are really uniquely situated to address these unacceptable inequities.

This video really highlights for me both the magnitude of the problems in our current health care system, and why I believe so passionately that midwives will be at the forefront of positive change.  For so many people, prenatal care may be their first, or only interface with the health care system.  As a future midwife, I want to be doing all I can to provide appropriate care that addresses the full spectrum of health care needs…and also help shape policy and protocols to ensure that everyone has access to the same level of care.

As Geraldine Simkin says,

“It’s not acceptable that African American women, regardless of their educational and economic background, still have a four times greater chance of dying in the childbearing year than their white counterparts… It’s not acceptable that three to four times more Native American and African American babies die than their infant white counterparts.”

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