Midwives of Color

Just after MANA posted its third video, the entire MOC Inner Council resigned, en masse, in response to persistent struggles with the MANA board. This is an important moment for MANA, and for midwifery in America.

It’s no secret or surprise that health disparities are a major concern in this country, nor is it news that health care providers of color have long struggled for respect from their white colleagues.  This is as true of doctors and nurses as it is of midwives.  Particularly within the midwifery community, though, there’s been a long history of oppression, racism, and misunderstanding that has undermined the efforts of midwives of color in feeling supported as they advocate for their communities.

The conversations on Facebook have been heated and passionate, and I’m hopeful that this big change will bring in a new wave of energy and commitment from MANA to more pro-actively address the long-standing concerns of midwives of color.  The health disparities are too great, and the need for more midwives of color too strong to get bogged down in blame games.  We need both action and healing if we are to move forward as a united midwifery community serving the best interests of women who seek midwifery care.

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